Armeena Khan slams vlogger Umer Khan over 'Pakistan Tourism Summit' controversy

11:59 AM | 8 Apr, 2019
Armeena Khan slams vlogger Umer Khan over 'Pakistan Tourism Summit' controversy
LAHORE -  Atif Khan, The Senior Minister of KPK and Minister For Tourism had earlier announced that a two-day summit would be held on April 2 and April 3 at Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad. The evening honoured social media influencers, all of whom were already present in Pakistan. But the noticeable thing about the summit was that not a single local vlogger was invited by the Government at the summit.

Here is the post by Atif Khan:

The absence of local vloggers and bloggers had agonized many people and many took to social media to point the bias, saying a Pakistani summit was taking place without Pakistani vloggers and the government didn’t approach the local content creators first.

Popular Pakistani vloggers Mooroo (Taimoor Salahuddin) and Ukhano (Umer Khan) also gave their two cents to the current outrage.

Here is what Umer Khan aka Ukhano had to say about Pakistan Tourism Summit:

Responding to Khan’s reaction, Armeena Khan in a series of tweets saying: “Whoa there horsey! This isn’t some totalitarian regime that it can’t be questioned. EVERYTHING can and SHOULD be questioned (yes, I’m a staunch PTI supporter) Now, where I live, we continuously fight for “inclusivity” and against racism Ethnic minorities fight injustices based on the colour of our skins abroad.”

“I think what people are annoyed about is the exclusion of brown faces. Are you seriously telling me that including a local Pakistani blogger or two would’ve taken away from promoting Pakistan?,” she added.

She also stated that “That’s your fault not theirs. I’ve seen many that have been contributing for years, sitting HERE. Why couldn’t you? Also this proves my point, this was the same exact platform that should have had made available to them so ppl could get to know them. Really sad".

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