Armed invigilators conduct exams at Taliban run school in Afghanistan

03:26 PM | 8 Dec, 2017
Armed invigilators conduct exams at Taliban run school in Afghanistan
KABUL - The Afghan Taliban have released fresh pictures captured inside a Taliban run school showing armed invigilators supervising boys taking exams at one of the schools managed by the militant group.

The Afghan faction of Taliban has been setting up a string of schools in their strongholds in Afghanistan and the images released by the Taliban's official TV channel show one of their schools by the name 'Imam Ghazali School' in the Hindu Kush mountain range north of the capital Kabul.

The images, which surely vindicate the burgeoning influence of armed group demonstrate invigilation staff with weapons slung over their back, walking through the ranks of boys as they work on their papers.

The Taliban which have been constantly engaged in battle with Soviets and Americans over subsequent years do not believe in formal education for girls with a minority arguing that females should only be taught until age ten, however, boys have the liberty to secure higher education as well.

Other images show a member of staff wearing a combat jacket, with his face covered working at a desk and an AK47 assault rifle laid across the workspace.

The group's motto is 'there is no god but Allah and it has been directly involved in blowing up schools in war-torn Afghanistan and its neighbour Pakistan.

In 2011, Taliban fighters fired a rocket at a school bus carrying students home and when the rocket missed, they opened fire with guns on the other side of the vehicle.

Twelve schoolchildren were injured in that attack, while four more, and their driver, died.

They also closed some 900 schools in Northern areas of Pakistan and were behind the gun attack on Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the face and neck.

Malala had to leave the country following the attack and after the murder bid, she has been residing in the United Kingdom.