Customer finds hidden mobile phone camera in Levis Faisalabad try-room

08:24 PM | 8 Feb, 2018
Customer finds hidden mobile phone camera in Levis Faisalabad try-room
FAISALABAD: A woman discovered a hidden mobile phone camera peeking outside a hole from inside a cardboard box within the try room of a Levis shop situated on Satiana road, Faisalabad.

 According to an official Levis spokesperson and local police, the woman complained about the issue to the shop's management and said that the cardboard box had a tiny hole in it for the mobile camera to peer out and spy on customers as they changed clothes.

Source; Dunya News

The consumer took photos of the box and on asking the assistant manager to address this issue, and when there was no immediate action taken, the woman wasted no time and immediately called the police onto the shop's premises so that some action could be taken. The police conducted an investigation and confiscated the mobile camera. Police has since then sealed off the outlet and have taken the assistant manager and a janitor into custody along with their mobile phones.

Now according to verified facts, the two individuals working at the store- a janitor and an assistant store manager were not Levi’s employees but were hired from a third-party staffing agency which employs all staffing for the store. The two individuals involved have since been terminated by the agency and the company intends to file an official police complaint against the two individuals responsible for the hidden mobile phone.

Following the police arrest, the store which has since then been closed was searched for other hidden mobile phones, however none were found. Still as a proactive measure, Levi's have ensured their customer's safety by checking all their stores and no other hidden mobile phones have been found.

As of yesterday, the store remains closed and Levi's is continuing to work closely with police on this investigation.

According to an official spokesperson of the Levi Strauss company, "At Levi Strauss & Co., we take the security and safety of our customers very seriously. We are aware of the incident that took place in our Factory Outlet store in Faisalabad this week and we are working with the local authorities. The two individuals involved no longer work at our store. We will take further action as needed based on the results of the investigation."