Five men sexually assaulted a teenager in Kuwait

10:46 PM | 8 Feb, 2018
Five men sexually assaulted a teenager in Kuwait

This incident has shaken everyone 


Kuwait- Five men took turns to sexually assault a teenager , authorities issued immediate actions against the accused men and teenagers who collaboratively kidnapped the teen boy and assaulted him sexually.

This incident got attention when the victim's father reported this violence to the officials explaining his son was lured by five males including a few underage teenagers who invited him out to dinner. He was invited to join the abusers in the car. The victim sensed something was off as they headed towards a deserted area, he then tried jumping off the vehicle and failed after which the abusers took turns to abuse him.

It caused a stir on Twitter:

People are frustrated: 

“There's nothing deterring these criminals, when will that end?”

Strict actions should be taken:

“We don't want any parliamentarian or powerful person to get into this... let them be held accountable for their actions.”

Such cases make us question how humanity is lost somewhere in the dark as such monsters are free. Debating on it won’t solve the issues, but it is our job to protect the people around us especially kids and women. If we as individuals forget the rules of nature and go against it, repercussions will be faced.