This women's Day, Adnan Siddiqui pays a tribute to women of Pakistan

11:19 PM | 8 Mar, 2018
This women's Day, Adnan Siddiqui pays a tribute to women of Pakistan
International Women's Day, held every year on the 8th of March is an important event for many because it celebrates the struggles, efforts and lives of women everywhere. It is a day to honour the women in our lives and to pay a special tribute, celebrities from our side of the world had the sweetest things to say about the women they know and love and had amazing messages for women (and men) everywhere!

The most heartfelt and genuine message of confidence and respect came from none other than everyone's favourite actor Adnan Siddiqui who has always been a champion for women's rights.

In a special message to the women of Pakistan Mr. Siddiqui wrote in an Instagram post, “In the last few years we have come across many campaigns and debates regarding the rights of a woman. We have seen people talking about how women need to stand in this patriarchal world in favor of themselves, to raise the voices against the stereotypes of our society, to be what you are, to do what you want and become stronger for yourself.”

He went on to add a special tribute to the exemplary women of our nation;

"Be it #ArfaKarim, the youngest certified Microsoft professional, #RukhsanaParveen& #SofiaJawed, the power duo who grabbed medals representing Pakistan in #boxing at South Asian Games, #SaniaNishtar who is a world renowned #cardiologist, #NighatDad who is an Internationally acclaimed & awarded human rights activist or #AyeshaFarooqwho is Pakistan’s first ever ‘war-ready’ female fighter pilot; all these woman have stories, struggles & achievements to share with all of us. It is not ONLY the gender I am proud of, it is the

dismantling of the ill-thought social norm I am so happy about.

And continued even  further by passing his message to the men:

How many woman will you have to thank to give credit for the position you & I are in? Staring from our mothers who gave birth to us, to our maids who also looked after us, to our teachers who taught us, to our nurses who gave us those band aids when we were hurt, to our women security guards at the airports, malls and elsewhere putting our security before their own, to the banking women who help you with all your queries when you are in dire need of financial assistance, to the women call operators helping you understand the issue with your cellular service or to the woman who is now your partner in life, carries ALL your burden with you, feeds you, loves you & looks after your children while you work? HOW MANY WILL YOU THANK?

Remember, it requires all sons, fathers & brothers to affect lasting change; do your part! Happy #InternationalWomenDay2018

These touching words brought a lot of positive comments from his fans and the women he was addressing;