This giant Pakistani bowler aims to become world's tallest cricketer

08:42 PM | 8 Oct, 2020
This giant Pakistani bowler aims to become world's tallest cricketer

LAHORE – A giant Pakistan man, who is 7ft 6ins, also has high hopes and bigger goals in his life as he aims at becoming the world’s tallest cricketer.

Mudassir Gujjar, 21, has been picked up for Pakistan Super League matches by Lahore Qalandar team. His ambition is to play international cricket for Pakistan to achieve his goal.

Gujjar was six-foot tall even when he was ten-year-old and by reaching high school he had attached above 7ft height.

He revealed that his parents were upset about his extra ordinary height fearing that if it will cause trouble to their child in the future.

Later the doctors told the parents that it all had happened due to hormonal condition. The player said that he had measured his height more than a year ago and it was 7ft 6ins, adding that since than his height has not grown.

Telling the troubles he faced in his school days, Muddasir Gujjar said that he was usually bullied by class fellows and other school children. He also revealed with how much difficulty he had to travel in bus and rickshaw due to his long legs.

He said that he did not get the exact size of his shoes, adding that he has to customise them. “I buy fabric and get them stitched,” he said.

But then he is only looking at the positives. 'My height is a blessing as I can run faster and be the fastest bowler,' he said.

Gujjar said that he had started his training seven months ago to become a bowler but it was interrupted by novel coronavirus pandemic. He expressed his desire to become the tallest bowler in the world.