Valorant’s first official tournament

02:11 PM | 8 Oct, 2020
Valorant’s first official tournament

 Valorant is one of those games which took the industry by storm. The game borrowed heavily from its esports rivals CS GO and Overwatch while creating its own unique identity. Valorant has been nothing short of a success story, but one of the major reasons that Riot was able to draw so much attention towards its first-ever FPS shooter was the promise of a solid esports competitive scene.

 Riot has been known for its League Of Legends tournaments. League has been one of the most popular game ever released and boasts a massive esports presence which can only be rivalled by Valves Dota 2. Riots commitment and experience in the competitive gaming space paves a perfect path for  Valorant to challenge CS GO and Overwatch in the FPS esports genre. Tournaments for Valorant have been previously held by third party organizations, and now Riot will finally be hosting its first own esports tournament for Valorant.

 Qualifiers for Valorant: Europe will take place from 9th-22nd November. From all the teams, the Top Eight will qualify for the final stages of the tournament which will take place from December 3rd to 6th. The tournament will be based on the best of three formats while the finals will switch to the best of five formats. We will be updating the results of the tournament regularly, so keep following us for more updates on Valorant.