Bilderberg Group: Shadow World-Government

08:55 PM | 8 Oct, 2023
Bilderberg Group: Shadow World-Government

“The Bilderbergers are too powerful and omnipresent to be exposed.”
–French broadcaster Theirry de Segonzac

“It’s a group of very powerful individuals whose objective is to create a one world government based on an economic model from the Middle Ages . . . a postindustrial model where you have slaves and slave owners.”
–A protestor outside the 2006 Bilderberg meeting at Kanata, Canada

“If there is any conference which required transparency, which required democratic accountability, it is the Bilderberg conference because this is really where the top brass of Western finance capitalism meet ... including government ministers.”
–Michael Meacher, Labor MP whose death was most likely murder

While many people have heard of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the foreign policy think tank of the U.S., fewer people have heard of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), the British, or rather the Rothschild think tank, or the Trilateral Commission or the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR). But the most secret, and the most powerful of all these think tanks is the Bilderberg Group, a name which very few people have heard. When in 2011 this author showed a book on the Bilderberg Group to the late Mukhtar Masood, famed author and learned bureaucrat, he leafed through it and expressed his surprise. He said that even though he had worked with numerous international organizations including the UN, he had never heard of the Bilderbergers. That shows the level of secrecy surrounding this most powerful group.

The international banking families, which have been striving for the past few centuries for the establishment of a global slave state under their iron control, remain anonymous by design. They operate in extreme secrecy and leave very little record of their heinous planning and activities. When Natty Rothschild, who had played a key role in instigating WWI, died, he ordered, through his will, the burning of his entire correspondence. Why would he do that? Simply to erase the record of his wicked planning for a global conflagration, the like of which had not been seen before. 

WWI led to most profound gains for these Satanic families, called High Cabal by their agent, the much venerated Winston Churchill. The Paris “Peace” Conference was dominated by Edmond de Rothschild, the then head of the Rothschild clan. It was then that the Rothschilds decided to set up think tanks that would provide assistance in the establishment of a global empire. Eustace Mullins quotes from the 1936 Council on Foreign Relations Handbook: “On May 30, 1919 several leading members of the Paris Peace Conference met at the Hotel Majestic Paris to discuss setting up an international group which would advise their respective governments on international affairs.” One wonders if the governments lacked competent people who knew about and understood foreign affairs. Actually this group was being set up to dictate foreign policy to the governments in accordance with the will and desire of the High Cabal.

Subsequently, at a meeting on June 5, 1919, it was decided to set up two organizations that would cooperate with each other. Thus the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was set up for US foreign policy and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) for British foreign policy, The Institute of Pacific Relations was also set up as a subsidiary organization to deal exclusively with Far Eastern affairs. Similar groups were also established in Paris and Hamburg. The RIIA was essentially the think tank of the secret Rhodes-Milner Group that manipulated WWI and was known as Chatham House Study Group.

Thus powerful think tanks were set up that would plan, control, coordinate and practically dictate foreign policies of the most powerful governments of the world. In a rare admission Hillary Clinton stated as Foreign Secretary: “It is good to have an outpost of the Council [CFR] right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council so this will mean I won’t have this far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.” Hillary probably did not realize that her remarks will find their way to Youtube.

It was in 1954 that highly secret group known as the Bilderberg Group was set up. A meeting took place at the plush Bilderberg Hotel in a small town, or rather village, named Oosterbeek under the auspices of the Royal Dutch family. The idea was first discussed informally between only four men: former Nazi Prince Bernhard (1911-2004), husband of the Dutch Queen, former CIA chief General Walter Bedell Smith (1895-1961), Paul Rijkens (1888-1965), the then head of Unilever, and the Polish politician Jozef Retinger (1888-1960). Despite the existence of the CFR and RIIA, Retinger was concerned with the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe and proposed that leaders of the US and Western Europe get together to promote “Atlanticism”. These were the real founders of the Bilderberg Group. The 1954 meeting at the Bilderberg Hotel was called after drawing up lists from Western Europe and the US.

The 1954 Bilderberg meeting or conference was held from May 29-31. The success of the meeting has led to an annual meeting, held in one country or the other every year, except for the two Covid years of 1920 and 1921. The meetings are held in an evacuated hotel for three days. Usually the meetings are held in small towns where there are not many journalists who might attempt to investigate what is going on. No one other than the attendees and the staff is allowed into the hotel with all entrances manned by armed guards. Author Mark Dice points out that the hotel is cleared by noon the day before the meeting is held, no reservations, except for Bilderberg members, are accepted for the duration of the meeting. The hotels chosen are located on large plots of secluded land and are barricaded and fenced for the period of the meeting. Local police also guard the hotels. 

Mark Dice mentions that he was present in Marriot Hotel, Chantilly, Virginia, the day before it was cleared for the 2012 Bilderberg meeting. When he asked the bartender if he knew what was going to take place in the next few days, the bartender replied that he could not talk about it. Dice inferred that most likely the staff is coerced into keeping silent about the meeting and could even be forced to sign nondisclosure agreements! No wonder for the first forty years or so of its existencealmost nothing was known about this group. 

The advent of the internet has allowed some information to be gleaned by interested people across the globe about this mysterious group. Active investigators find out about the venue and dates of Bilderberg meetings and usually some protesters gather in the vicinity of the venue, but are kept at a distance by the strong arm of the local police and the guards hired by the organizers. David Estulin writes: “The attendees are not required to follow the established rules and regulations of the host country, such as having to go through customs carrying proper identification, such as passports, which are not required on Bilderberg visits.” This shows the power of the Bilderberg group.   

David Estulin has raised a very pertinent question: “Why are the Davos World Economic Forums and G8 meetings discussed in every newspaper, given front-page coverage, with thousands of journalists in attendance, while no one covers Bilderberg Group Meetings?” Estulin then adds: “This blackout exists despite the fact (or because?) they are annually attended by Presidents of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Federal Reserve, by chairmen of 100 of the most powerful corporations in the world such as Daimler Chrysler, Coca Cola, British Petroleum (BP), Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, Goldman Sachs, and Microsoft; by Vice Presidents of the United States, Directors of the CIA and FBI, Secretaries General of NATO, American senators and members of Congress, European Prime Ministers, and leaders of opposition parties, and by top editors and CEOs of the leading newspapers in the world.”

The silence of the mainstream media regarding the Bilderberg Group is a clear indication that the Bilderbergers want to their meetings to be silent secret affairs away from the spotlight of the media. The media is owned by some of the Bilderbergers. When Christopher Bollen, the representative of the American Free Press, one of the alterative media outlets, asked a group of journalists as to why were the Bilderberg conferences not covered by the mainstream media, Anthony Holder, former UN correspondent for the Economist replied: “The Bilderbergers have been removed from our assignment list years ago by executive order.” The Economist, it may be recalled, is owned by the Rothschilds. The same appears tio be true of media outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post. The media silence regarding these conferences keeps the conspiracy of a One World slave state out of public knowledge and prevents any public protest and resistance. The attendees also go out of the way to deny participation.

During her presidential campaign Hillary Clinton was asked by an individual in New Hampshire in November 2007: “During June of 2006 you attended in Ottawa, Canada, of the Bilderberg Group. Could you comment on that? What’s going on at the Bilderberg meeting and what are you guys talk about up there?” Hillary laughed and said “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He responded “Oh you do! It was reported you were up there. People saw you. I just want to know what you talk about and meet up there. Why are they such top secret meetings? Your husband also went to a Bilderberg meeting too. I am just wondering. I am not being rude or anything. I just want to know what happens at these meetings.”  However, Hillary denied being there and therefore said that she could not tell anyone what went on there. The questioner has posted the entire episode on Youtube.

At each Bilderberg meeting, roughly 120-150 of the “most powerful politicians, businessmen, bankers, media executives, and international royalty” get together.About two-thirds of the attendees are from Europe and the remainder one third from the US and Canada. Nowadays Chinese are also included among the attendees. Each meeting lasts three days and the world’s top problems are discussed informally and off the record and consensus is achieved on how to manage global affairs. There is a core of the Bilderberg group which attends almost all meetings whereas most attendees vary from year to year. Henry Kissinger, for instance, has been present at most meetings since 1957, when he first attended the meeting. It is this core group that probably steers the meetings and knows better than other attendees as to what course of action is to be adopted.

Once the existence of the Bilderberg group was exposed active investigative reporters and others have been able to dig out the list of attendees and the discussion points, sometimes leaked by insiders. Presently the Bilderberg group has a website ( which provides information on the participants and the agenda items. Let us look at some features of these conferences held over the past five decades. We will pick up the 2023, 2013, 1993 and 1983 conferences.

According to press release of the group the 2023 Bilderberg meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal from 18-21 May. A count by this author shows that it was attended by 127 CEOs, academicians, Ministers, Secretary General NATO, bankers, editors, and others. Henry Kissinger, born 27 May 1923, as usual, also attended this meeting! He was a week short of his 100th birthday! Brende Borge, President of the World Economic Forum also attended. This author also noticed the name of Niall Ferguson, a Research Fellow at Stanford, who has written a history of the Rothschild family, among the attendees. M. B. Zanny and John Micklethwait, Editor-in-chiefs of the Economist and the Bloomberg LP, respectively, were also present. President and COO of Goldman Sachs Group John Waldron, and former Director of the British intelligence organization GCHQ Jeremy Fleming also attended along with the CEO Microsoft Nadella Satya. Mestola Roberts, President European parliament was also there. According to a press release of the organization the following topics were discussed: AI, Banking System, China, Energy transition, Europe, Fiscal Challenges, India, Industrial Policy and Trade, NATO, Russia, Transitional Threats, Ukraine, and US leadership.

A decade earlier, the 2013 meeting was attended by 135 delegates including Queen Beatrix as well as Jeff Bezos and the infamous Richard Perle. Henry Kissinger also attended. The meeting was held from June 6-9, at Grove Hotel, in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. The policing cost of this event was around 1.3 million pounds of which half a million was given by the Bilderberg group. According to available information “A combined force of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cambridge constabularies prepared for the conference, with the assistance of specialist officers from the Metropolitan Police. Five rugby pitches belonging to the Fullerians RFC were hired by police for the duration of the event.”

The agenda was posted on the website of the group shortly before the 2013 meeting and was as follows: Can the U.S. and Europe grow faster and create jobs? How big data is changing almost everything, nationalism and populism, US foreign policy, Africa’s challenges, cyber warfare and proliferation of asymmetric threats, major trends in medical research, online education, politics of the EU, and developments in the Middle East.

The 1993 Bilderberg meeting was held from April 22-25, 1993 at Vouliagmeni, Greece and was attended by 120 individuals. The attendees included Prince Phillip of UK, the Queen of Netherlands, the Greek PM, David Rockefeller, Chairman Goldman Sachs and so on. The agenda included former Yugoslavia, Russia, US domestic policy concerns, Clinton’s foreign policy matters, prospects for global trade, etc. Surprisingly, Henry Kissinger was absent from this meeting.

The 1983 meeting was held from 13-15 May at Chateau Montebello, Canada. According to the website of the Bilderberg group, the following items were discussed at the meeting: East-West relations (containment, détente or confrontation), issues in medium-term growth in the world economy, risks in banking and finance, protectionism and employment, and US foreign policy in the Middle-East and Central America. One may recall that in 1983 the Afghan war against the then Soviet Union was going on. It was attended by 126 delegates including Evelyn de Rothschild, Chairman N.M. Rothschild and Sons Ltd., Pierre Elliot Trudeau the Canadian PM, the Dutch PM Ruud F.M. Lubbers, Paul Volcker, Chairman BOG of the US Federal Reserve, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Helmut Schmidt, the former Chancellor of West Germany.

It is thus clear that the Bilderberg group actually decides and controls economic and foreign policies of the U.S., the West, and the strategy for removing all obstacles to globalization. It is also clear that U.S. foreign policy is almost always an agenda item. The reason for this lies in the fact that the U.S. is the greatest tool of the globalists. They control the country completely and comprehensively and even discuss and determine U.S. domestic policy at Bilderberg meetings. Many would-be or ex-Presidents and Vice Presidents of the U.S. have attended Bilderberg meetings, including Clinton, Obama, George Bush Senior, Dick Cheney, and others. The same is true of Britain. Tony Blair first attended in 1993 when he was a shadow Home Secretary. When David Cameron attended a Bilderberg meeting while a sitting PM, he was not accompanied by any civil servants even though it is customary for the PM to be accompanied by civil servants when he meets business leaders. David Cameron went to the meeting in private capacity.

In his 2006 book on the Bilderberg group, a German author Andreas von Retyi wrote (translation by David Rothkopf): “Our world history is not the result of coincidences, but rather precise planning. More than half a century ago a powerful group was formed to take the fate of this planet into hand and steer the world in the direction of a secret brand of internationalism. Numerous crucial events in politics and economics can be traced back to subtle manipulation by Bilderberg group. Their goal: total global control.”

Andreas von Retyi refers to the Bilderberg group as “the high priests of globalization”, who met in 1954 “under strictest secrecy for the first time in the Netherlands. hotel de Bilderberg.” Since then the Bilderbergs have met annually at the choicest but secluded venues in various parts of America and Europe. Retyi writes: “What is discussed behind locked doors, remains strictly secret, but we have no choice. Whatever the Bilderberger decides will shape our future. They rank among the central organs of a world-wide shadow government.”

Victor Halberstadt, was the honorary secretary general of the Bilderberg group from 1980-2000and organized many meetings. He told author David Rothkopf (title of his 2008 book: Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making), that in a world “in which communications is often a problem, meetings like these serve a valuable purpose, especially since members can develop a long-term relationship with those who return year to year.” This shows that there are attendees who return year to year and these are the ones who are the core of the Bilderberg group. Like Henry Kissinger, the Dutch Victor Halbertsadt is a core member of the group, it appears. Halberstadt is a member of the international advisory board of Goldman Sachs since 1991, a member of the faculty of the World Economic Forum since 1990, and among other things, was chairman of the international advisory board of Daimler-Chrysler (1995-2005). Like Henry Kissinger, Victor Halberstadt is Jewish and a survivor of the so-called Holocaust.

What are the steps envisioned by the Bildebergers in order to Achieve a One World (slave) State? According to various authors the Bilderbergers aim for a cashless society where all sales and purchases and transactions are carried out through cards. This will not only mean that they will have a record of every transaction by every individual, it will also give them the power to simply stop the operation of the card of a person whom they wish to punish. Already, in many places, vendors give incentives for payment through credit and debit cards, and it is more expensive to pay cash. A global currency and a cashless society is one goal of the Bilderbergers.

The Bilderbergers want the elimination of national armies and envision a global force in the form of a UN force. Currently NATO is playing the role that will eventually be taken over by the UN. The Bilderbergers also want to deny people the right to bear arms for the obvious reason that they wish to deny the people the ability to defend themselves. It has also been proposed that soldiers be implanted with chips turning them into cyborgs. As early as 1996 the Defense Department of the US had drawn detailed plans in this regard for implant of neural interfaces not just in the brains of soldiers, but also of the civilian population! The plan was to have the scheme ready for implementation by 2025 as resistance to these implants would have been overcome by that date!

In addition, the Bilderbergers plan for a single legal system with the International Court of Justice to become the sole legal system for the world. The Bilderbergers aim for total control of all education and plan to erase the true history of the world. History acts as a guide and inspiration to peoples and nations and if it is erased people will have no source of inspiration and motivation and no connection with the past. They will become like boats without anchor drifting aimlessly and will be easy to control. The Bilderbergers want a Zero-Growth Society in order to destroy general prosperity. When there is propensity and there is a vast middle class then the people think of values, of freedom, of creativity. The Bilderbergers want none of that. And the Bilderbergers want total surveillance of each and every individual, a goal they are close to achieving.

Author and journalist William Shannon (1927-1988) has put things in a nutshell: “The Bilderbergers are searching for the age of post-nationalism: when we won’t have countries, but rather regions of Earth surrounded by Universal values. That is to say, a global economy, One World government (selected rather than elected) and a universal religion. To assure themselves of reaching these objectives, the Bilderbergers focus on a ‘greater technical approach and less awareness on behalf of the general public.’”

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necassarily reflect the views and policies of DailyPakistan.


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