Man gets his stolen mobile phone after 12 years

05:31 PM | 9 Aug, 2017
Man gets his stolen mobile phone after 12 years
KARACHI - Incidents of street robberies and theft in Karachi have been so rampant that it's almost impossible to avoid them if you've lived long enough in the provincial capital. However, retrieving and getting your lost things back is not that common.

But a man who got his mobile phone stolen twelve years ago has finally been able to recover it - effortlessly!

This Friday, Tanzeel-Ur-Rehman, received a call from Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) informing him that they had retrieved his mobile which was snatched from him twelve years ago on gun point.

The mobile Rehman lost twelve years ago and recovered this week.

"With utter disbelief, I went to the CPLC office at Governor House and after minor paperwork they handed over my Beloved Sony Ericson K700i, in mint condition as it was the last time in my pocket," Rehman wrote while sharing his excitement on his Facebook wall.

"It is now a souvenir of hope to me, If it is mine it will come to me what ever it may take," he added.