Celebrities demand justice for Sadaf Zahra

03:22 PM | 9 Jul, 2020
Celebrities demand justice for Sadaf Zahra

From #JusticeForZohra to #JusticeForZahra. Another name but the same story.

A pathetic man torturing a woman to death just because he thinks he can.

Social media activist and journalist Ali Salman Alvi has been arrested over allegedly killing his wife and trying to cover up his crime by calling it a suicide.

According to the FIR obtained by various media outlets, “…the deceased, Sadaf Zahra, was found with marks on her hand and face”, which resulted in her death.

The tragic incident surfaced on social media on Wednesday and citizens demand justice for the victim, who had previously raised her voice against domestic violence on Twitter.

May she be in the heavens and get justice.

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