Sana Mir slams advertisements body shaming women

02:29 PM | 26 Apr, 2018
Sana Mir slams advertisements body shaming women
KARACHI- Former Pakistani women cricket team captain Sana Mir has criticized advertisments promoting body shaming and objectification.

She has given a strong message to all the women out there that beauty is not the only thing that a woman can carry.

She recently dedicated a post to girls willing to excel in sports that,"Make no mistake: you need strong arms, not smooth arms, on a sports field.”

The former captain who had led Pakistan Cricket team to numerous victories and achievements, expressed her views against the beauty standards being imposed by the local and international brands.

Sana Mir felt there was a need to discuss this issue after watching an advertisement which was related to how a female basketball player looked on the court.

While sharing her views with the media, Mir stated “There are female sports icons around the world who have made their way to the top because of their skill, talent and hard work, not because of the colour or texture of their skin.”

She further emphasized that media should encourage young girls to participate in sports and healthy activities.

The veteran player said that, “During my 12 years as a sportswoman in Pakistan, I have rejected several offers to endorse beauty products just for this reason: I want young girls with a passion for sports to know that all they need for a practice session are the will to succeed, comfortable shoes and clothes, a water bottle and a cap if it’s hot.”

Many showbiz and famous tennis player Sania Mirza also supported her views and we also wish the same.