'I want answers to my 3 my simple questions,' Imran Khan responds to CM Buzdar's legal notice

01:43 PM | 10 Aug, 2020
'I want answers to my 3 my simple questions,' Imran Khan responds to CM Buzdar's legal notice

LAHORE – Pakistani TV anchorperson Imran Khan has said that he welcomes the legal notice sent by Chief Minister Usman Bazdar and said he will reply to him in court now.

Khan said this while talking to his viewers on his Youtube channel namely "Imran Khan" the other day. 

He clarified that he has no personal issues with CM Usman Bazdar, and added, "I asked him to answer only three simple questions. If he answers them, the matter will be resolved automatically. The first question is why he (CM Buzdar) called back the team, sent to Bahria Town on June 13," he questioned.

"Secondly, you have given the impression that what you did at the behest of Imran Khan if you did it at the behest of whom, why do you not go to any court against Bahria Town? Why do you not contest the case in the Supreme Court?" the anchor asked.

He, in his third question, asked the chief minister Punjab: "Can you assure the nation that the road passing through Bahria Town will pass through the legal route. I have learned that Bahria Town can earn Rs30 to 35 billion rupees through this "illegal" exercise," he claimed.

On the other side, he maintained that the Punjab government "will have to bear Rs 44 billion loss which I have been told by reliable sources close to the development".

While responding to Fayyaz Chohan's video statement, Imran said, Chohan is a true political activist who rose from the grass-root level. "I will not comment on his video as I know he is compelled and he has to remain the provincial minister."

On August 6, Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan took a dig at anchorperson Imran Khan after he went on alleging Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar of corrupt practices in his YouTube videos, saying that he has been compelled to clarify the allegations leveled by the media person to defame Buzdar. 

“I have no close links with Khan but like him for his responsible way of performing his duties,” he added. 

Chohan revealed that he had contacted the anchorperson on July 25 and conveyed his reservations over hurling allegations at the chief minister.

“In response, Imran Khan had promised to not upload any offensive video on his social media channel unless holding a meeting with me,” he said, adding that but the anchorperson did not keep his promise and uploaded two more videos. 

The anchor addressed the chief minister in a very inappropriate way and did not practice ethics in the videos, Chohan said. He added that Imran Khan has no right to call someone in an offensive way until the accused is declared criminal by the court. 

He said that the anchor has no right to hold the chief minister accountable and become judge and jury by himself as this will lead to induce unethical practice in the society.