AAP is all set to reclaim Delhi governance

10:35 AM | 10 Feb, 2015
AAP is all set to reclaim Delhi governance
DELHI (Web Desk) - Scaling high on the exit polls, AAP has turned out to be the ‘favourites’ in the run of forming govt in Delhi. The results are yet to be announced, but AAP is confident of its win in the nation’s capital territory.

The Assembly election, held for the second time in little over one year, has largely been a direct contest between BJP and a resurgent AAP which has put up a tough fight under Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership. As a matter of fact, in a ‘first past the post system,’ smaller vote share differences could lead to large differences in seat share, raising the probability of a ‘landslide.’ Hence, the vote share obtained by the BJP, or the AAP will be a determining factor in this Delhi Assembly elections.

The poll of polls consisting of four opinion polls (CVoter, Chanakaya, ABP, News Nation) suggest a mean vote share of 37.5% for the BJP and 43.5% for the AAP. But how come the voters repose faith in the Kejriwal despite the ‘bhagoda’ tag? Experts say, AAP inadvertently through its 49-day govt has achieved a reliable communication with its voter base, henceforth creating a substantial argumentation in its vote share.

Ashutosh, a senior AAP leader gives credit to, “ Arvind Kejriwal’s tireless leadership and involvement in every aspect of the campaign, higher focus on strengthening the organization and the refrain from a negative campaign, which could be the key factors for the possible victory.”

AAP, in its own way has created nothing short of a ‘revolution’ in the Indian politics. It has completely turned over the traditional model of election financing, and seems to have perfected the crowd sourcing financial model – inviting one and all to generously fund the party. This has given a clear-cut message that AAP is ‘sustainable,’ as who would have thought that the model would succeed in this election, too, following Kejriwal’s resignation as CM.

Another factor that surpassed AAP above BJP, was its ability to reach out to different segments of the society thereby, penetrating the inner annals of Delhi. The ground reports suggest that the ‘Volunteer’ model of AAP knew precisely as to when and where organize meetings, and that the base seems too strong to show even a hint of fatigue.

However, AAP is accredited with the vote share of Congress, which at time is weak and discredited, keeping the glory of BJP aloof. The question is, even if AAP wins can they fulfill their next to impossible promises: free WiFi, free water, setting up 500 schools, 15 lac CCTVs across the city? Would be interesting to know that, but the prior focus is on ‘result’ that will be out on Tuesday.