Trending video of a man dancing makes us question society

09:28 PM | 10 Jul, 2018
Trending video of a man dancing makes us question society

We live in a society where women are judged the way they are dressed, act or even talk in such society preference is always given to the male figures. My instagram was bombarded with this video from some opening where a man danced, the video without a doubt is trending on social media. The video is captioned “Performance of the year” imagine what the caption will be if it’s a girl!


It made me think about what if there was a girl instead? Will people still react and share the video in a positive manner? Questions kept popping in my head but the answers were vague. However one thing is for sure all the hooting and the praises which can be heard in the video might have been a lot more different, even vulgar. The instant reaction of any Aunty will be “HAWW HIGH” as if she is doing something inappropriate.

Dance is a form of art and despite of the gender, men or women who can dance are artists. Dancing on public platforms can be a lot more difficult for women or girls but for men it is just another way of expressing themselves. It time we talk address the white elephant in the room. Rather than pointing women out for dancing we should make public spaces for them safe.

There is a lot of potential talent in Pakistan even if the parent are supportive the society won’t let the poor girl live her dream. It is sad how our neighbors have got dance academies where girls and boys can get professional help with their passion and in Pakistan we have hand full of places where you can get assistance from yet we have amazing dancers who on their own doing so much.