Fun facts about Sonam Kapoor’s wedding

10:02 PM | 10 May, 2018
Fun facts about Sonam Kapoor’s wedding
Bandra- Fashionista Sonam Kapoor got hitched with her long time beau Anand Ahuja. Head over heels in love the duo decided to get married in the most rad way. Probably the coolest b-town wedding for sometime now. The big fat punjabi wedding was homey and fun filled. We all have seen videos and pictures of her wedding but here are some fun facts about her wedding.

1) Even Sonam Kapoor couldn’t avoid aunties at her wedding:

Sonam Kapoor was no celeb on her big day she was just another chirpy and over the top happy girl excited for her new life. Behold brown weddings call for brown aunties who just wont spare the newly weds.

Sonam: Babu Sorry!

Aunty: Babu Nahi, Aap kaisay ho, Aap bolo.

As if that wasn’t enough Aunty continues to give directions to Sonam.

2) Giveaways on Mehndi:

Sonam Kapoor decided to give the most unusual and cool gifts to the guests, beautiful golden goblet shoes. Sonam kept up with a fairly new trend giving away goblet shoes which guests seem to like very much. More ideas for your big day!

3) Customized Jimmy Choo’s:

This is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen as Sonam gets a customized A *heart* S bridal footwear, initials for Anand and Sonam on the sole keeping up with the theme the initials had to be in golden. Keeping herself comfy yet all trendy.

4) Slippers on Mehndi:

Sonam ditches all the extravagant Mehndi affairs keeping things comfy as she enjoy her Mehndi at her residence in Juhu but that was not it Sonam and Anand both were seen wearing slippers on their Mehndi giving goals to brides.

5) Not an over the top designer:

Unlike other celeb brides Sonam opted for a relatively less famous designer to design her dress for the big day. She wore a traditional red lehanga made by Anuradha Vakil. Sonam proves how designer’s skill matters not the name.

6) Not your traditional mangalsutra:

Mangalsutra is a traditional and sacred necklace which the groom ties around brides neck to complete the wedding rituals. Sonam Kapoor’s magalsutra was not your everyday necklace. Her necklace was custom made which included the star sign of hers (Gemini) and the groom (Leo).