I will no longer explain myself to anyone, all controversies have been answered: Ushna Shah

02:27 PM | 11 Jul, 2020
I will no longer explain myself to anyone, all controversies have been answered: Ushna Shah

Nobody enjoys being trolled but it seems like celebrities have it hardest of all. Can you imagine having millions of unknown people sliding into your social media mentions every single day and coming for you with the most ruthless and peculiar insults they can come up with?

Celebs are active on social media constantly, they have millions of people lauding and criticizing them daily, and most of them won't suffer fools including actor Ushna Shah.

The Balaa actor has never shied away from hitting back at trolls, but in a recent interview with Iffat omar, she revealed that she has decided to not respond to trolls or make any sort of clarifications regarding her opinion.

"I have forsaken the dignity a celebrity must maintain and clarified/responded to each tweet/thought that has bothered the world so much," Ushna shared on Instagram. "I’ve answered all the burning questions that have propelled hundreds of headlines. From your pizzas to your singers. I will speak on these no further. I have answered all “controversies” for them now and for the future."


 "I don’t know how to be anyone else off-camera, that is another career on its own. That is a talent I do not possess," she went on to say.

She also talked about how she had to change herself initially just so that she could fit in with others. "It breaks my heart that I have already had to hide so many aspects of who I am just to fit in.. an example being my Canadian accent (I’ve changed it so often over the years that now it feels like another language which I speak when I’m outside the Pakistani industry or circles). I used to dance in school, I’ve been afraid to do so here, why? I am an artist, it is my art. I've always feared that my liberal, as well as foreign upbringing, would paint me as a bad person or my family as bad people, they’ve feared that also."

Ushan further added "When you forget that there is a person within a personality, make their name into a verb and violate their being, you butcher a piece of their soul. You affect not just them, but their mothers and their loved ones who collectively feel their pain. You do that, for the sake of your hits, and I’ve been your target for a very long time."

Towards the end of the conversation, Ushna explained that the only thing that matters to her is her work, the rest of it just irrelevant, "What I want; what’s most important to me, is to create art. So for the countless hits, the spicy gossip, and the drawing-room discussions my name has entertained you with off-camera... you’re welcome. I have paid my dues."

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