Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan on what a perfectly captured photo entails

07:11 PM | 11 May, 2021
Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan on what a perfectly captured photo entails

It takes a trained and passionate eye to freeze moments through a lens. While everyone is a “photographer” in some respect thanks to smartphones and thousands of photo editing apps, photography is much more than selfies and filtered photos for your social media pages.

Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan, a Kuwaiti photographer, defines the photography journey and how to pick the moments worth capturing. It takes skill and years of experience to capture a photo that is aesthetically pleasing and evokes emotion in the person viewing it.

Photography is extremely essential to human life. It is a time capsule that freezes a moment in time and helps you walk down memory lane to when the picture was taken and even remember the events happening before and after.

Through his food and travel photographs, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan has covered countless events in his 20+ years of experience. Having gotten his start in 1996, Alwazzan has experience with both older cameras and modern ones as his skills have grown with time.

According to Alwazzan, his journey to where he is today didn’t happen overnight; it took a lot of dedication and a genuine passion for photography. Picking up a camera is easy, but getting a photograph that freezes that moment in time requires skill; you need to get angles, lighting, and so many other things right.

Being a renowned photographer now, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan is proud of the time he put into his craft. He has now worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Even after 20 years in the industry, Jasem is just as enthusiastic about photography now as when he started, if not more.

Besides capturing beautiful and picturesque photographs, Mohammad also applies edits in his photography which are professionally done. He has taught himself how to use the best editing software available to achieve different effects in his images.

Mohammad has also hinted at his interest in tech information, and he works to stay up to date on tech news. He considers himself tech-savvy, which might explain his now growing popularity online as he is quickly becoming an influencer.

Through his social platforms, Alwazzan can share his passion with people from all parts of the world and even inspire up-and-coming photographers. Through his photography, Jasem helps promote tourism in his country by partnering with other photographers and organizing photo walks to showcase its beauty.

Before the pandemic, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan received 3-5 requests to cover events in a day, which has considerably declined due to the pandemic, but his work continues on his social media. Every industry evolves, and he has been through several changes in the industry throughout his career. The changes brought about by the pandemic signal a new era in the industry.