Imran says October 30 Islamabad shut down 'a do or die moment for Pakistan'

12:33 PM | 11 Oct, 2016
Imran says October 30 Islamabad shut down 'a do or die moment for Pakistan'
ISLAMABAD - Calling on the citizens from across the country to join protest against the government for an investigation into the Panama Papers leaks, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said the sit-in to shut down Islamabad on October 30 is 'a do or die battle for Pakistan.'

In an interview with Nadeem Malik, he went on say that his party's sit-in would mark a defining moment for the people of Pakistan.

"We have a person sitting in the Prime Minister's Office who is continuously lying about his assets. If we allowed him to continue ruling this country, we will move towards total destruction," he maintained.

To a question, Khan said Pakistan Army is the only state institution devoid of the destruction unleashed by Sharif Brothers and now they are trying to give a bad name to them as well.

When asked if he would back any Karachi-styled anti-terrorism operation in Punjab, he said "If an operation can be conducted in Karachi, it could also be carried out in Punjab."

"While we were framing the National Action Plan against terrorism after APS attack, it was decided that all militant groups will treated evenhandedly across the country," he further stated.

On the occasion, he once again claimed that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police is apolitical while the Sindh Police and the Punjab Police have been ruined by the political parties ruling in respective provinces of Sindh and Punjab.