Rakhi Sawant reveals real story of Modi's hand on her breast, back

09:52 PM | 12 Aug, 2016
Rakhi Sawant reveals real story of Modi's hand on her breast, back
MUMBAI (Web Desk) - Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant wore a black leather dress to an Independence Day function in Chicago, USA, one which featured Modi strategically placed on the garment.

Rakhi revealed that she got the dress made to impress Indian political party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), but more specifically, Modi.

She added, “I wore this dress so that I can impress BJP, especially Narendra Modi ji and Amit Shah. I love them both. I made this dress so that I can impress Modi ji. Modi ji is my dream man. I am most happy that he is our PM and he will remain one for next 15 years. Wherever I go I will wear this dress, and I will also make one sari with his image on it.”


"Every Indian has a right to their Prime Minister. In America, women wear their flag as a two-piece. I didn't do something like that. I am a Modi lover. I am a BJP lover. I had sent this dress to a few of Amit Shah's assistants for approval. Only after I got that approval, did I wear this costume," she said.

Speaking to First Post she said, "I have got this dress made from all my heart and love for our dear prime minister. He is the best PM and I am representing him in the US. I just want to tell people: 'Don’t waste your time creating controversies over my dress, instead take care of your family. There are more serious issues in India that needs to be dealt with, like rape of little girls, farmers committing suicide...So live and let live and don’t waste your time on my dress. Love you guys.'