'Maryam Nawaz won’t ask govt for permission to travel UK to attend son’s wedding'

11:26 AM | 12 Aug, 2021
'Maryam Nawaz won’t ask govt for permission to travel UK to attend son’s wedding'

ISLAMABAD – PML-N Vice President and daughter of former premier Maryam Nawaz said she will not make any request to the incumbent government to seek permission to travel the UK to attend her son’s wedding.

In a series of tweets, Maryam wrote that “Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the ceremony owing to blatant victimisation, bogus cases, and my name on Exit Control List”.

In another tweet of the series, the daughter of PML-N supremo recalled that she was in jail when her mother Begum Kalsoom Nawaz passed away due to cancer.

“I was in jail when my beloved mother passed away and now I won’t be able to share my son’s happiness, but, I will NOT make any request to this government for travel abroad. I leave the matter to Almighty Allah”, the tweet reads.

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Meanwhile, reports in local media quoting sources said that ‘the event of Nawaz Sharif’s grandson will be a close family affair and only limited guests will be invited”.

Saifur Rahman’s family, who is in Qatar, is scheduled to arrive in Britain in the coming days. The event is being held at The Lanesborough - a five-star accommodation facility in London’s Hyde Park Corner.

In the meanwhile, preparations for the event have started and the family has started sending invitation cards to guests.

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