Imran Khan has massive drug addiction, alleges Reham Khan in autobiography

02:03 PM | 12 Jul, 2018
Imran Khan has massive drug addiction, alleges Reham Khan in autobiography

LAHORE - The top contender for the office of Pakistan's Prime Minister has been accused of massive drug addiction by his one of his former wives, less than two weeks before the general elections in the country.

Reham Khan, sharing her personal experience of ten-month marriage with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, has also shared pictures of what she claimed as "cocaine recovered from Imran Khan's pocket" in her autobiography made available online on Thursday.

Imran Khan confirmed his second marriage to Reham in January 2015 before ending it in a divorce on first anniversary.

"His sexual adventures had started even earlier than his cricketing career, but the delving into drugs started later he claimed," the 45-year-old journalist claims in her controversial book.

"Imran said that he first started on cocaine when Jemima took the kids away," according to an excerpt from the book. "PTI founding members also corroborate the timing of his coke addiction," she writes.

“I was suspicious and started keeping a tab on his disappearances. He would make at least three trips to the bathroom every night, and return more hyper than before. He would notice my sudden quietness, and the puzzled look, and would become even more doting. When questioned, he would either deny outright or be dismissive. He would typically go to the bathroom every hour, and eventually, I started noticing the tell-tale traces of powder on his nostrils, and the cotton swabs with Vaseline in the drawers”.

She claimed that Imran would frequently say that "I shouldn’t worry about his addiction because he needed a partner to do the drug".

Sharing what Khan allegedly told him about drugs, she wrote: "'You [Reham] have never done it. A line of coke [cocaine] is just like half a glass of wine'. This line was repeated often and was each time received with the same rolling of the eyes."

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As the PTI chief was reluctant to leave the alleged drug addiction, Reham said, "I developed a habit of going in before the servants to wipe away all surfaces with antiseptic wipes so they would not see any trace of the powder. It was everywhere: the side of the bath tub, in the window sills, and, occasionally, on the glass coffee table. I don’t know what I was thinking because they must have seen much worse over the years. I guess I wanted to let them believe that he was a changed man".

"The man who would be so quiet and dull all morning would become like an energised bunny, bounding across the room and dancing the night away," Reham writes.

She also shared that she even started research on symptoms of the drug users.

"I realised much later that it was because of jaw-clenching typical of cocaine users. In the first few weeks of marriage, I had cleaned out the drawers, very innocently thinking that my husband was using too many sedatives. There were all sorts of tranquilisers, mainly benzodiazepines like Xanax and Lexotanil. Bobby, his cousin, delivered the banned drug Rohypnol right in front of me (also known to me as the date-rape drug)," Reham says in the book, which is available on Amazon.