Girl says goodbye to education after people, TV channel trolls her for innocent mistake

03:17 PM | 13 Jan, 2017
Girl says goodbye to education after people, TV channel trolls her for innocent mistake
Recently, a video showing excited girls sharing their experience in Murree's Mall Road with a news reporter went viral on the internet.

The girls made some bloopers on air. One of them says, “aspire to inspire” while the other says, “bohot maza aaraha hay, we are proud of you”

The girl, who out of excitement made a blooper on air was massively trolled on the Internet. Pages abnormally obsessed with getting more likes and going 'viral' posted memes to further humiliate the girl.

However, the insensitivity of the new trolling culture prevented all of them to see what was going on with the girl.

A classmate put up a Facebook post describing the girls present state of mind.


Atika Ahmed wrote about the way the virality of this meme has affected the girl’s life,

“I asked sir about this girl. He said trip ke baad wo aik din bhi college nahi aai. He even asked this girl’s friend about her. The friend said that the last time she talked to her, she was crying on top of her voice and was continuously saying that she can never face the world and that she just wants to die now and that all she wanted to say was that she is proud of her teachers and the college but with all the chaos and energy around she just got confused.”

“I’m sure her confidence has been shattered for the rest of her life”, she concluded.

Another person in the post, Sayyidah Jannat Ul Mava adds, “what amazes me is that they do not even think once that they could’ve been the highlight of this meme, too. She was just excited and full of energy, somebody else at her place could’ve also made a similar sort of mistake.”

Had she mispronounced a Punjabi or Urdu term, she would not have been trolled like this.

With the explosion of social media and great emphasis on 'freedom of speech', human civilisation, instead of evolving, has rather devolved and stooped down to low levels. The troll culture certainly needs to be condemned and criminalised, if not declared hate speech.