Amna Baber uncovers incident of harassment

12:13 PM | 13 Jul, 2018
Amna Baber uncovers incident of harassment
LAHORE - Pakistani supermodel Amna Baber had shared her tortuous experience of harassment by random boys yesterday on the streets of Lahore during the daytime. Amna had shared the photos of those boys on her Instagram account and one boy is seen using the middle finger to The Lux style award winner.

Here is what Amna Baber had shared with her followers in an Instagram post:

“I am very disturbed and upset after what just took place I truly wonder what kind of society we live in?

I was driving home after running some errands to pick up my mom and these boys started making obscene faces started swearing at me and kept calling me names I was alone got scared as no one even tried to help me and went to pick up my mother and took her to the mall there I saw them again I took pictures of them and one of them showed me the middle finger and called me a badmash

My mother got upset too and she took off one of her shoes these boys were then told by other people to the runway. Why do men feel the need to threaten women and girls when will this ever stop ???? Why do people just stand and watch why is this acceptable".

Amna had left a strong message at the end of her post inquiring till when the women will be suffering harassment openly and will surrender to such bullies for no reason.

In this modern age where women are beating men in many professional fields and fighting for gender equality, such disturbing events surely hurt the morale of females and creates a vacuum in the progress of female as an individual.

The police should take strict actions against such incidents to prevent any further harassment and torture.