6 nutritional benefits of Beetroot or Beets

12:38 PM | 13 Jul, 2018
6 nutritional benefits of Beetroot or Beets
LAHORE -  Beetroot is an amazing vegetable which helps in transforming life and gives energy to the body. It is low in sodium, which is why they are known as blood turnips. These are already good reasons to make it a power vegetable. Furthermore, they are not the only reasons why you should consider including beets in your diet every once in a while if you cannot do it daily.  Apart from these, here are some of the known health benefits of beetroot:

1# Better brain functionBeetroot could help improve your cognitive function too. A study conducted in 2010 found that eating a diet high in beetroot could increase blood flow to certain areas of the brain.

2# Fighting inflammationBeetroot is a unique source of betaine which protects against environmental stress, combats inflammation and is also thought to prevent a number of chronic diseases.

3# Beating cancerBeetroot gets its deep color from phytonutrients. These are thought to help ward off cancer. The research found that when beetroot extract was given to animals in drinking water, it reduced multi-organ tumor formations.

4# Improving exercise performanceBeetroot helps in increasing energy and boosting stamina. Another 2013 study found evidence to suggest that both inactive and recreationally active people experienced moderate improvements in their performance when they drank beetroot juice before taking part in sport.


5# Excellent food for the liver: Beetroots promotes healthiness to liver and  Beets will help thin bile which in turn facilitates its easy movement in the liver and intestines. Beets also flush out toxins from the liver preventing their re-entry into the body system.

The liver will not suffer oxidative stress when you regularly consume beets. This is because of the action of copper and zinc contained in the beets.

6# Digestion efficiency: The quality of your blood will change the moment you begin to take beets regularly. Digestion is also improved. Your liver and spleen open when you take beets regularly too. In case you are suffering from illnesses related to digestion and blood system then the beets will be useful in restoring your state of health.

There have been positive reports on the treatment of abdominal pain with regular intake of beets. Overall bowel movement also improves with consumption of beets.