Sony Invest $250 Million in Epic Games

11:25 PM | 13 Jul, 2020

Epic Games showcased their upcoming Unreal Engine 5 on a PS5 earlier this year. Many had speculated over this partnership, fast forward to July and we now know Sony has acquired a minority stake in Epic Games. This partnership will result in new and exciting titles for Sony's next generation of consoles. Owners and fans of other consoles don’t need to fret as Epic Games has revealed that they will continue developing titles for other consoles.

Apple Release iOS14 public beta

You can now experience the future of iOS as Apple has released the beta version of iOS14. The beta is still full of bugs and issues so try not downloading it on an iOS device that you daily drive. The big new feature in this update is the introduction of a Home Screen and Widgets, a feature found in android but missing in iOS. The update will also feature a new app library, so if you have a spare iOS device and can live with some bugs and app compatibility issues you can give it a try.

Google Chrome Gets Optimized

Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the market but is also known to use a lot of resources and battery, that soon might change as Google is testing a feature that will decrease chrome's battery consumption on mobile devices. Google is using a new tool to limit background tabs to one JavaScript timer wakeup call per minute. The feature can save up to 2 hours of battery life on your mobile device. 

Realme working on 120w Ultra-Fast Charging

There are rumors of Realme working on a new fast-charging technology capable of charging smartphones at up to 120w. The company currently provides its smartphones with 65w fast charging known as Super dart. The new charger is tipped to be launched by the end of July with the capability to charge 1/3rd of a 4000mah battery in 3 minutes. The new technology might be called Ultra Dart when it is released.

Nvidia Next-Gen Graphics Cards leak

A new leak has surfaced containing details about Nvidia's upcoming RTX30 series graphic cards. The leak comes from kopite7kimi on Twitter who has been a source of credible hardware leaks in the past but we advise you all to take this information with a pinch of salt as there has been no official confirmation from Nvidia. According to the leaks, Rtx 3090 will have 24gb GDDR6 video memory with 5248 Cuda cores. There is no confirmation if the Rtx3090 is a new card in the series or it’s a replacement for the 2080ti.

Boeing to Seize Production of 747

According to a report from Bloomberg News airline company Boeing will seize its production of the 747 Jumbo jet within 2 years in the favor of its more fuel-efficient planes like the 787. The 747 has been in production for 50 years and currently has 16 unfilled orders. Once the orders are complete production will be halted and it would mark the end of the ‘Queen Of The Skies’.

Pc Sales surge due to Covid19

The recent pandemic has seen many companies allowing their workforce to work from home. This has resulted in a strong demand for personal computers. Pc's are an essential tool if you need to work from home. According to International Data Corporation, shipments of Pc rose by 11.2 percent when compared to the same quarter last year. HP and Lenovo have heavily benefited from this increase with both being the top two manufacturers of personal computers in the world. The high demand from the education and entertainment industry is the leading reason for this rise.