This Independence Day, I celebrate being an Independent Pakistani Woman

01:09 PM | 14 Aug, 2017
This Independence Day, I celebrate being an Independent Pakistani Woman
I've never really appreciated myself enough, to be honest.

When I come to think of it, there are so many things I could be grateful for, starting with my independence, for example.

As a woman of Pakistan, whom (mostly) are culturally leaning onto a man for support, I have established myself on my own-studying and getting through school on my own, and then finding jobs on my own. I now have a good career as a Journalist, and I aspire to be a musician some day.

Maybe those two go hand in hand, I sometimes think. If I didn't know how to write, I wasn't going to be able to write songs, and think in-depth about anything at all.

It's all good for you in the end, as I believe.

Moving on, in a country like Pakistan, where most of the women who get an education don't really put it to use, owing it to marriage, babies, responsibilities or anything else of the sort, my mother was my full-on support; guiding me every step of the way, ensuring that her daughter wouldn't ever have to depend on anyone, other than herself, in her life.

Today, I think that even the tiniest bit of effort I put into becoming who I am today, is something to be grateful for.

Take my blog, for example.

I'm so grateful that people read it, and leave me comments. My purpose as a writer is fulfilled, and I can also bring out what I'm feeling the most.

And she did great, I can tell you that.

I am grateful for Daily Pakistan, I am grateful that they showed me the way to creativity, and let me utilize my talents. I am grateful for becoming the Editor of UPFRONT, because it was a life-long wish to create a magazine-which was unlocked, all thanks to the amazing team behind Daily Pakistan Group:

I am grateful for all the hate & love I received over the years-from friends, from foes--for all the people I lost, for all the people I gained, and gained better, ofcourse.

I am thankful for all those people who protested with me for 'Jinnah's Pakistan', a few years back:

I am also absolutely grateful for those friends who helped me see the good in me, and ofcourse, utilise my talent to sing; because if I don't continue it where would I be?!

I love music. There is no end to the madness, and there's still more to come.

Had I not been Independent enough to think for myself, to know who I am, to realize what I need from life, and to realize what it is I was destined to do, I wouldn't have been able to do any of this. For this, I have my parents to thank, who gave me all the courage and education needed for becoming a person of your own. Thankyou, Mama & Daddy!

JUST BE GRATEFUL, that's all it takes.

So this Independence Day, I thank Muhammad Ali Jinnah for giving us Pakistan, I thank my mother for giving me so much strength, and I thank Pakistan-for giving me a place to grow up in. I love my country, and I wish it always prospers.

Good luck, Pakistan!

Pakistan Zindabad.