5 reasons why there is no place like Lahore

12:10 PM | 14 Dec, 2015
5 reasons why there is no place like Lahore
Every city has a feeling of its own. Lahore is the second largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Its history dates back to the Mughal era with iconic architecture and monuments. But, Lahore is not just about Mughal buildings, it is so much more. Let’s look at the list.


Hub for every industry

Lahore is a cultural hub, a fashion hub and the pivot for Pakistani media industry. We all know that fashion generates from Lahore. It has a rich culture and a most of the media industry players and participants belong to Lahore. The rest of the cities adopt these preformed practices from Lahore.


Terrific shopping experience

Lahore has the best of everything, be it home décor, clothing, jewelry, furniture or other traditional specialties. It has a number of markets and malls to explore and shop. As it is a fashion center that determines the Pakistani fashion every year, you will find the latest and best designs and details in every aspect.


Food, food and food

Lahore is mostly popular for its delicacies in food. They have tremendous varieties and exclusive dishes with amazing restaurants that are a must try. Some of the Lahore’s specialties include Sarson da Saag, Nihari, Bhuna gosht, Lahori Chargha and much more. Restaurants are mostly full of customers so you might want to get yourself a table reserved before hand.


Minar-e-Pakistan and Wagha border

These are the best reminders of the history when Pakistan was born. Minar-e-Pakistan was built in memory of the Pakistan resolution day. Wagha border is the border between India and Pakistan. There is a ceremony held every day, which is a military practice. There are tons of visitors and tourists present at every ceremony. You must attend the ceremony at least once if you’re visiting Lahore.


Lahori people and culture

People of Lahore are known to be the liveliest and tension free people. They enjoy each and everything that life throws their way. Lahore is rich in culture and traditions. One of the most interesting Lahori traditions is Basant. No other city apart from the heart of Punjab celebrates and enjoys the event of Basant like Lahoris. Their gatherings are loud and full of life and laughter. They know exactly how to overcome the harsh realities of life with a generous smile.

The phrase ‘Lahore Lahore Ay’ could have never been truer for any other city.