‘Why do rapists roam freely?’

02:47 PM | 14 Sep, 2020
‘Why do rapists roam freely?’

The gang-rape of a woman on Wednesday night at the Lahore motorway caused uproar on social media and people demand the culprits to be publicly executed.

Protests have erupted in cities across Pakistan as people are furious with authorities for being involved in insensitive victim-blaming, instead of providing justice.

Numerous celebrities have voiced their concerns over the safety of women in this country and support the demand of publicly hanging the rapists. Among the most recent public figures to raise her voice for the survivor and the many women and children that are brutalised on a daily basis is actor Sanam Saeed.

Referring to an old Tweet that included the Chief Minister Punjab’s response to the CCPO's statement in a press conference, Saeed took to social media last night to say ,"Now, implement sensitivity training please and tell us how you are going to take more steps to keep us safe." 

She also urged the authorities to check the  criminal’s background beforehand, instead of digging through it only after a horrendous incident had taken place. "Pakistan needs a National Sex Offenders’ Register," she said.

"Why? Why does the system fail us? Why do rapists roam freely?" Saeed questioned in another Tweet.

She further questioned the state’s priorities during the national outrage. "Yes! Where are our priorities? Why is it not crystal clear which issues are top priority?"

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