'Individuals with three-year tenure can't decide nation's future', says Asif Ali Zardari

08:29 PM | 15 Dec, 2018
'Individuals with three-year tenure can't decide nation's future', says Asif Ali Zardari
HYDERABAD — Pakistan People's Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari expressed on Saturday that only parliament can make decisions for the public rather than 'individuals with three-year terms' in a veiled reference to the military chief.

Addressing a public gathering in Hyderabad, the former president questioned, what right does an individual, who has a tenure of three years, has to make decisions about my nation?"

"Only parliament has this right and no one else," he asserted without naming anyone though the tenure mentioned by him confirms that he actually meant the Chief of Army Staff who serve for the same period.

Furthermore, without naming anyone, he said they keep visiting different places, questioning, "What does you have to do [with them]? in a reference to chief justice Mian Saqib Nisar who keeps on inspecting different health-related facilities and recently visited Thar as well.

The lawmaker expressed that there have been 900,000 case pending in courts.

You should look into those, Zardari said and added that you have no future, why do you decide about the future of things?

He expressed that even today one should act within legal and constitutional bounds.

"It was better that transparent elections were allowed to be held and political parties could have formed a government through consensus," he said.

The Pakistan Peoples Party leader also slammed the incumbent government and said we [PPP] got rid of Musharraf in 100 days and got Swat freed in the same period.

He said only a party of the masses could understand their needs and problems, not the "parties that are made" in a reference to Imran Khan-led government at the federal level.

Firing a broadside at the incumbent premier, Zardari said if he could run a government in a good way then it did not imply he could also play good cricket.

"I don't know how to play cricket. I know politics and I can do that," he said.

Zardari suggested the government to provide opportunities to local businessmen and facilitate stock exchange and invite experts from abroad.