Indian traffic violators to get ‘death’ ticket

04:47 PM | 15 May, 2015
Indian traffic violators to get ‘death’ ticket
RANCHI (Web Desk) - In Jharkhand's capital, unruly drivers have been encountering Yamraj, the Hindu god of death. It is not just a vision.

"Yamraj" is a traffic policeman in costume, complete with a fake moustache, a mace and a whip. And ready to serve challans or traffic violation tickets.

The Ranchi Traffic Police, fed up of the ever increasing chaos on the roads, have decided that no one can be a better brand ambassador than ‘Death’ himself.


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Besides a fine, drivers caught violating traffic rules are subjected to a lecture by Yamraj on how their recklessness could lead them straight to him.

Anand Jyoti Minz, the deputy in-charge of the city's traffic, told NDTV that enlisting Yamraj became necessary when everything else failed.

"We first tried Gandhigiri. My men used to hand out flowers to violators. But everyone just had a good time, they used to smile and walk away. Besides, we were wasting Rs15 on each bunch of flowers. Then we decided on something a little more impactful," he said.

“It may just work,” he hoped.

Priyanshu Pratap was driving a two-wheeler without a helmet when he was caught and given a dressing down. "I think Yamraj's scolding has worked for me. I will take care the next time," he said, looking chastised.

The traffic police say they have been issuing challans to at least 2,000 people daily in the last 10 days, as part of a special drive. They are hoping that the presence of Yamraj will bolster their campaign.

If the experiment is a success, it may be replicated in other parts of the state, say police officers.