Pakistan's first private space company gets SECP registration

01:56 PM | 15 May, 2020
Pakistan's first private space company gets SECP registration

KARACHI - The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has registered country's first private space company, The Rocket & Satellite Company Limited.

The Karachi-based tech firm vowed to offer low-cost solutions in three main areas: space launch systems, satellite manufacturing, and ground segment as a service.

Sharing his future plans, the company said it will offer solutions in the areas of space debris and in-orbit satellite servicing to increase satellite life.

The company spokesperson said that  space debris solution will reduce the risk of satellite and spacecraft in-space collisions due to space debris, saving significant money for space-based companies. Its focus will be to provide low cost space technology and provide solutions for the issue of space debris through the combined use of artificial Intelligence (AI) and space tech.

Additionally, the the company will address in-orbit servicing to increase the lifespan of a satellite by providing platform for scientists, engineers, professionals, and students to offer their skills and serve space industries, ensuring the best solutions for the betterment of humanity.