LeJ behind suicide attack on Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada: Sources

02:43 PM | 16 Aug, 2015
LeJ behind suicide attack on Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada: Sources
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Intelligence Sources on Sunday said the banned Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) could be a possible suspect behind suicide attack that left at least nine people dead including Punjab Home Minister Shuja Khanzada in Attock.

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According to sources Khanzada was being threatened by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi since Punjab Counter Terrorism Force killed LeJ chief Malik Ishaq in an encounter in Muzafargarh along with 14 other associates. The provincial minister was provided with adequate security arrangements following the threats, the sources further added.

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However none of the militant group has far claimed the attack formally.

According to another well informed source in Punjab Police there were intelligence reports of a possible attack on Khanzada during his visit to Attock but still he insisted to go there.

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Earlier a suicide bomber detonated himself at Shuja Khanzada's political office situated in village Shadi Khan in Attock and as a result at least nine people have been killed while twenty five others got injured.

Meanwhile the ISPR said that special search and rescue team have been dispatched by helicopter to aid in the rescue operation in Attock.