This is the most expensive hole in the world

12:53 PM | 16 Aug, 2016
This is the most expensive hole in the world
A Russian diamond mine, with an expected value of £13 BILLION, is so inconceivable helicopters are banned from flying over it on the off chance that they are SUCKED into it.

Named 'Diamond City', the Mir mine in eastern Siberia is 1,722-feet-profound and has a diameter of about a mile.

The crater is so huge that it creates a vortex said to to be strong enough to pull helicopters downwards.

Its riches were so huge it changed the USSR from a war torn and devastated country into a post-WW2 worldwide superpower.

The mine is owned by Russian organization Alrosa, which produces around a fourth of the world's jewel yield.

In 2010, a development organization called AB Elise reported arrangements to assemble a colossal domed city in the neglected mine.


The firm said it would utilize solar energy to power homes for 100,000 individuals.

At its peak, the Mir mine created by and large two million carats of rough diamonds a year, worth at least £20million, and with close-by mines was in charge of 23 percent of the world's rough diamonds.

The biggest ones were the measure of golf balls, including the 130.85 carat Olonkho diamond, worth about £250,000.

The diamond deposits were discovered by three geologists - Ekaterina Elagina, Uri Khabardin and Viktor Avdeenko.

When the news was relayed back to Moscow, digging began.