Trevor Noah branded Imran Khan as Brown Trump and internet has no chill

12:58 PM | 16 Aug, 2018
Trevor Noah branded Imran Khan as Brown Trump and internet has no chill
South African comedian Trevor Noah branded Pakistan's would-be prime minister Imran Khan as Brown Trump, stressing that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief's background story is "unnervingly similar" to that of US President Donald Trump's.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” famed television host, who has never shied away from calling out world politics and the hypocrisy that it brings along, in a recent episode, called Khan an “even more tan version of Trump”. He drew the similarities between Trump and Khan by mentioning that both came from privileged families and are famous for their good looks. (Really Trevor? Is Trump good looking? Really?)

The comedian went on saying that the media also portrayed Khan and Trump similarly. To support his argument he played a clip from the show featuring a political commentator stating that Khan seemed to contradict himself during speeches just like the US president had also often been accused of. (What politician isn't accused of contradicting themselves?)

The 34-year-old host also drew parallels between the playboy status of both Trump and Khan and the fame they enjoyed before their debut in politics. He gave an example of Pizza ad done by Trump and Pepsi ad by Khan.

While Trevor may have said all this in a good humor, the internet has got no chill and twitteratis responded to these deduction skills of the comedian in a most hilarious way.

They both read a newspaper.

So creepy, both drink water.

Imran and Khan shake hands with other people. How uncanny.

Both are on Vanity Fair, they must be related.

They are holding mics, do we need more proof about how similar these two leaders are?

As funny as we thought Trevor's satire was about colonialism, this recent episode was nothing more than a tired effort.