Rohtas Fort: Historical dumpyard

05:00 PM | 16 Dec, 2016
Rohtas Fort: Historical dumpyard
Our Motherland is a beautiful place, with everything ranging from snow-capped mountain ranges to lush forests, from historical fortresses to magnificent mosques.

But alas, the tourist spots are being subjected to criminal neglect.

I happened to pay a visit to Rohtas Fort this weekend and was horrified when I saw the situation it was in. Not only were there no guards stationed anywhere, it also seemed as if no one was interested in maintaining the monument. Apart from the fact that little to no effort could be seen in preservation, there is also the issue of the cleanliness.

The fort looked less like a historical landmark, and more like a dumping ground for crisps wrappers and soft drink cans. It seemed as if no one had made an effort to clean it in years. I could not see any cleaners anywhere, nor could I find any official except for the entry ticket attendants.

It's imperative to take steps immediately so as to control the situation. Concerted efforts should be made to rid the area of the garbage, followed by steps to ensure that it remains so.

Four or five guards should also be posted in and around the fort to control hooliganism and ensure that tourists follow proper decorum. Areas undergoing renovations should also be cordoned off to ensure visitor safety.

Hopefully, this will uplift the condition of the historical site and make it an even better experience for visitors.

Abdullah Bin Muhammad


December 16th, 2016.