Bilawal Coteries

04:23 PM | 6 Dec, 2016
Bilawal Coteries
It saddens me to watch some of the octogenarian and septuagenarian politicians almost thrice the Bilawal’s age, along with many other elder and senior stalwarts of the PPP and PPPP posing to be listening so obediently and attentively but probably in reality helplessly to his rambling and at times ludicrous screeching hollers least befitting someone aspiring to lead the country.

Why do they do so?  What do they expect at such stage of their lives when some – nay -  most of them are already millionaires and some billionaires?  Are they so avaricious that they willingly swallow such self-inflicted insults and injury to themselves and that too in public?  Don’t they have any self-respect?

How do they face their families and children, one wonders?  And then they expect the respect they would have been worthy of otherwise?!  Sorry, it won’t be there!!

Col.Riaz Jafri (Retd)


December 6th, 2016.