Reporting on Imran

12:38 PM | 11 Mar, 2017
Reporting on Imran
Media has reported “indecent” remarks of Imran Khan on some foreign cricketers invited by PCB to participate in PSL. It was an informal observation uttered casually in his capacity as an outstanding cricketer, who has always brought honour to the country. He understands the game and the calibre of cricketers. It was an analysis on the cricketers invited as a replacement of those foreign cricketers who refused to come and play in the final in Lahore.

I fully endorse his views, which have been evidenced by the poor performance of these foreign cricketers in the final and the fact that they were not invited earlier upon being considered not up to the mark.

Reporting an informal utterance as a statement from a person in “news” is certainly a biased, prejudicial and willfully wicked action on the part of the journalist who reported it and is tantamount to professional misconduct. I think it was an effort to act as a darbari to the Badshah; this is because his alleged financial irregularities are under judicial probe mainly due to Imran’s efforts to eradicate corruption by politicians exposed by Panama Offshore companies and even others.

Is it then wrong to try to eliminate corruption and save the national wealth from theft through financial mismanagement? That seems clearly to be what prompted the journalist to undertake biased and malicious reporting.

Hadi Iqbal Hussain

Member Railway Board/Additional Secretary [Retd]

March 11th, 2017.