NASA selects 8th grader Pakistani girl for internship program

11:42 AM | 16 Feb, 2019
NASA selects 8th grader Pakistani girl for internship program
KARACHI - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected a 12-year-old  Pakistani student for its internship programme. According to details, Raadeyah Aamir, an 8th-grade student, will be attending NASA’s one-week internship programme.

Raadeyah Aamir is a student of British Overseas school in  Karachi. She will be leaving for NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre today to attend the internship program.

The internship programme includes training for next-generation of space explorers in Astronaut Training Experience. Not only that, but Raadeyah will m also get a chance to land walk and drive on Mars through virtual and motion simulation, and conduct a spacewalk in a microgravity experience.

The programme will also provide her with the opportunity to live and work on Mars for the day at the center’s Mars Base. She will be working to solve base emergencies, program robots to optimize solar energy and sustain life in the botany lab, amongst other exciting things.

The young  Pakistani student said that it was her ambition to go to NASA and wave the flag of Pakistan. Sharing her happiness with the media, the young ambitious girl said that  “I am very much interested in space exploration and glittering stars in the galaxy. I want my country people to pray for my success in this regard”.

Here's wishing all the best to Raadeyah! Keep achieving girl!