Baby donkey nearly beaten to death in a show of 'political power' in Karachi

07:41 PM | 16 Jul, 2018
Baby donkey nearly beaten to death in a show of 'political power' in Karachi
KARACHI – A baby donkey was nearly beaten to death by charged workers of a political party in the Sindh capital to mock another group’s electoral symbol just over a week ahead of general elections in the South Asian country.

An animal rescue foundation, Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) said they found a donkey beaten to pulp, punched in the face and abdomen several times, nose broken, kicked all over his body until he collapsed, tied to a pole and having a car rammed into him constantly.

“All of this to describe one political party as an ‘ass’ by some hooligans as written on the poor donkey’s body,” the foundation wrote on a Facebook post.

Abdullah, a resident of Karachi, found the animal lying on the ground trembling, with shallow breathing and pain painted all over his face, ACF officials said.

Later, upon receiving information, ACF team along with other rescuers finally brought the donkey to safety.

The poor animal had multiple wounds, all fresh from the beatings, punches and kicks it endured. There were, however, no signs of internal injury.

"He is not eating much and his body is still stiff yet shaking in fear. His wounds have been cleaned and he has been given painkillers. He is drinking water on his own," the ACF officials added.

Soon after the animal rescue group shared the donkey’s ordeal, people took to the social media to condemn the inhumane act while appreciating the ACF’s efforts to rescue the animal.

The ACF officials said they intentionally blurred out the names on the donkey’s body to avoid further escalation.