6 things, 20 something's do at Work

07:02 PM | 16 Nov, 2016
6 things, 20 something's do at Work

While we're endlessly waiting for Friday and dreading Monday, there's a lot that happens at work in-between to keep everyone happily occupied. Here’s a list of 6 things that every 20 something does at work:

 1. The big S word:

Shopping! Now this is something that comes naturally and guilt-free to most of us. The idea is to look extremely busy while you decide between a red shirt or a blue one and change swiftly between tabs if your boss moves even an inch from his seat.

This of course, requires a 'safe' work tab always open. Occasionally uttering work related stuff at the screen also helps keep danger at bay.

2. Becoming a human encyclopedia:

All of life's unanswered questions somehow start bothering you at work. Whether it’s how to lose weight while doing nothing or the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, everything must be googled during work hours.

Side note: these make for interesting conversation starters.

3. Making lunch plans:

This is the toughest decision of the day. It takes research, determination and positivity to get everyone agreed on one place. Miserable are the days when you have to eat lunch from home (worst if you have last night's leftovers) while the best ones usually involve a colleague treating everyone!

4. Xoxo, gossip girl:

Grab some popcorn, because office gossip and politics are better than Netflix. A little birdie is always flying around with the latest happenings that make your day so much more entertaining. Who's dating whom, new boss acting tough, who got promoted... this is like the morning paper for you.

5. Trying to prove yourself like a theorem:

Being young and determined can come with being a little competitive. You want a promotion every year, the best clients in your company and you're boss to think you're the next Bill Gates. In short, you try to prove your worth to him in any way possible.

6. Dress up like you’re about to hit the runway:

If there’s anything we’ve learnt from watching “Suits” and Barney Stinson, it’s that be taken seriously you have to dress the part. Half of your salary goes into buying your wardrobe but it’s well worth it when you enter that office like a boss. (Background music please)