#MusicLabel: 'Shamas-Kaari' promoting undiscovered artists, untouched genre

11:36 AM | 17 Oct, 2018
#MusicLabel: 'Shamas-Kaari' promoting undiscovered artists, untouched genre
LAHORE - Pakistan is a country enriched with culture, history, and art. This nation is surplus with inborn talent in various forms of art. Our artists are not only entertaining Pakistani but also have a huge fan following in neighboring country India and all over the world.

Pakistanis are live hearted people and we must say this land is full of “beautiful fresh sounds and musicians” in different parts. All that needed is a system in place to promote talent in the right way.

Recently we met such great people who are running a record music label named 'Shamas Kaari' to promote all the young musicians of Pakistan. This music platform is founded by Salar Shamas. This talented guy hails from Lahore and took initiative in March 2017.

This music label is surely promoting the cultural diversity of Pakistan as it comprises a team of 11 musical artists, currently working with artists from Lahore, Hunza, Sahiwal, Okara, Boston, New York, and London.

Also, the team members share a very diverse educational background from medicine to business, engineering, and arts. Most of them are university students in Lahore with a few still in college which encourages the youth of Pakistan that anyone can sing. Wowwww!!!!!!!!

The first project by 'Shamas Kaari' Ayyy Teray Bin has crossed 250,000 streams on major music retailers. This music organization revenues via streaming from seven songs which were produced within the first five months.

Salar Shamas, Courtesy: Facebook profile

Shamas Kaari is helping in generating waves and hype in the Pakistani music industry due to their talented artists. Cool guys Salar Shamas, Irataza Gillani and Omer Mukhtar have taken this great initiative and we wish them all the best. You can go through their playlists on Youtube channel. Among their many energetic tracks, Ayy Teray Bin is also creating buzz. These two have added a new flavor to the country's musical taste. 

Along with many entertaining tracks, the duo had gained huge appreciation by lending vocals for the track Ayyy Teray Bin. You can enjoy listening to this high beats audio track while driving a car, relaxing at home and also during friends catch up. This song provided us with the musical feed we were desiring.

Below is the link of the acoustic track by Shamas Kaari featuring Omer Mukhtar, enjoy listening to it:


So, all the music lovers out there, test your artistic skills through this amazing platform. Follow your dreams and inspire others too.

Contact Information:

Number: 0321 4403338

E-mail: shamaskaari@gmail.com

Audio track link : https://soundcloud.com/salarshamas