'Fry Pan' in Lahore: Opens with a lot of love

01:29 PM | 18 Mar, 2017
'Fry Pan' in Lahore: Opens with a lot of love
Food is simply food for everybody, but it gets more interesting when there's a back story. It gets even more interesting when there's a love story..

The official launch of Fry Pan, a cute little customer-friendly eatery based in the comfort of DD DHA Lahore, on the 16th and 17th of March this week, welcomed its space to a mix of yummy fusion food brought to us by the very ambitious power couple Tuba Ajmal and Abdullah Akhlaq.

Tuba and Abdullah met on their journey of success after running circles around the idea of being married to one another. They finally decided to take the leap after about 6 months when they signed their nikkah papers together.

Fast forward a year later to their flight back from their honeymoon and they both come up with the idea of opening their very own cosa deli of flavors.

Fry Pan works with an extremely innovative menu and its long-awaited signature Katlamas (the owners want to revive this traditional hard-core Pakistani food item for everyone). Serving a variety of juice mixes, drinks, gravies, naans, burgers etc. in breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options, it is creating a mark of its own, on youngsters and old alike, taking exhilerating cult names for its exciting dishes from movies and TV.

Introducing new and improved items to their menu mantra, Tuba and Abdullah aspire to win the hearts of their guests in different combinations and colors. Their upcoming Maula Jutt Burger and Nutella Kulfi are just on their way!

At Fry Pan, feel free to share and rejoice in the love of their delicious and sumptuous treats.

We didn't know what 'Katlama' was until we indulged ourselves in this extremely delectable desi cuisine.

This Bombay Boneless Handi at Fry Pan soared our taste buds to new heights!

What's a mint cool refreshment without an aesthetically pleasing and an impeccable tasting Mint Margarita?

Team Fry Pan, Abdullah Akhlaq (left) and Tuba Ajmal (center), pose for the camera!

Team Daily Pakistan Lifestyle, Eeshah Omer and Syed Abbas pose with Anna Leghari, Momin Ali Munshi and Iman Ali Munshi (left to right) at the official launch of Fry Pan