Pakistani journalist names singer Ali Noor as ‘predator’ for ‘sexual harassment’

10:49 AM | 19 Feb, 2022
Pakistani journalist names singer Ali Noor as ‘predator’ for ‘sexual harassment’

KARACHI – Pakistani singer Ali Noor, the lead vocalist of the Noori band, started trending late Friday after Pakistani journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid accused him of sexual harassment.

After Ayesha comes with harrowing accusations against the Rockstar, Noori member responded within hours, but on social media as he refused to speak to media about the allegations leveled by a journalist.

The female journalist comes up with sexual harassment allegations, at a time when Ali Noor dropped a trailer for his upcoming single. In the chat, Ayesha quoted an incident when Ali behaved inappropriately while traveling with her, which she dubbed as 'sexual harassment.

Ayesha shared snaps of a WhatsApp chat she had with the music icon in which she accused him of being a ‘predator’. “You emotionally manipulated me and what happened in the back of my car while driving to the airport was sexual harassment. You’re a sexual harasser and a predator,” the chat text reads.

She also mentioned that she also ended her relationship with her drummer friend, as she did not want to be friends with anyone who supported or even stood by the harasser.

The chat between the two showed that the duo had an old acquaintance but Ayesha raised objections after the ‘singer's attitude towards Ayesha turned inappropriate’.

The screenshots also include alleged replies from a musician, seemingly sent to her via his wife’s phone number after Ayesha blocked him.

Meanwhile, the reality behind the messages remains to be ascertained as of now however, Noor responded to allegations.

“Today, I put the teaser and release date of the video and the son but as I was doing that, I got a message from newspapers that I have been accused of #MeToo by Ayesha Binte and my screenshots and apologies have been put up. She didn't put all of them and that's sad”, he wrote in an Instagram story.

Ali Noor said the conversations and meetings with Ayesha hinted that the latter misunderstood the whole story. “This is no PR ploy to promote a new single. This is serious sh** and will have to be addressed… I don’t mind being called the worst person on Earth… but people around me are getting concerned and hurt and I hate to cause strife to anyone including Rashid,” he wrote.

Noor also added “This is pissing me off,” he added, urging that he be allowed to release his upcoming song in ‘peace’ on February 22. Till then, everyone please calm down and send me hate mail instead”.

Another incident of #MeToo sparked another controversy on social media, and Noor is now trending with numerous people reacting to the accusations.

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