Bermuda Triangle branched-out

02:27 PM | 19 Jul, 2020
Bermuda Triangle branched-out

Physical sphere of this world is being researched too much and lucrative outcomes are also being employed to make future decisions and to save next generations from perceived disasters like global warming etc but some hidden triangles have been undermining the beauty and peace of this world so adversely that It might be impossible to compensate the irreparable loss if incurs to it in case hidden geometrical (organized) figures (ugly alliances or conspiracy groups) do not surface and handled in a timely manner.

USA <> Israel <> India seem to have formed a frightening triangle on this vulnerable world which, if not conceived and manipulated with tactic thoughts and unprecedented strategic tools can undoubtedly prove more horrible than actual Bermuda Triangle situated in North Atlantic Ocean claiming to have swallowed an unknown number of air and seaplanes.

Each vertex of this triangle due to its aggressiveness in triggering a thunder package of war or violence and eagerness to expose its power has annihilated many circles of this world and even those lying within their own national boundaries also. The ever hostile attitude of these countries is due to both their bitter past regarding power-sharing or temperature rising in the neighborhood and more due to contemporary cold war alliances established in different sectors on this earth running blindly in the race to win a bigger chunk of power.

Besides several common characteristics these countries have possessed, one is pretty evident that they all like to keep occupied/influenced on certain land which legally or ethically do not pertain to them like India's occupation in Kashmir, USA's occupation in Iraq / Afghanistan and Israel's occupation in Palestine.  

Within this triangle there embedded numerous circles, more correctly vicious circles controlled by regionally dominated powers commanding a number of countries lying at smaller and larger circumferences around them but the importance of this triangle in terms of great destructive change in this world due to minor and major conflicts and black conspiracies can’t be denied at all.

Iran, China, Russia, and N Korea are the silent players in support of or against this triangle countries and avoiding becoming one more vertex forming more horrible parallelogram or pentagram but their silence is echoing high intensifying the cold war and an assessment confirms that this can be a cause of an unforgettable change of this word. The very potential of this triangle is required to be diluted as soon as possible to save this world from more violence sounding ahead.