Ayyan Ali's secret beauty salon revealed

05:47 PM | 19 Jun, 2015
Ayyan Ali's secret beauty salon revealed
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Where every other high profile prisoner lose glamour after spending some time in Pakistani jails, supermodel Ayyan Ali is not compromising on her looks, especially for court appearances.

Soon after her arrest, some news reports surfaced in the media that jail authorities were helping the fashion model get everything she needs, specifically her makeup kits. Taking notice of the reports, senior officers had assigned secret agents to dig deep the matter.

It has recently been revealed that although the celebrity is not provided makeup kits inside the jail, she gets ready inside the police van, transporting her to court. A few policewomen assist her ‘prepare’ for ‘court tours’, not to mention the policemen holding her bag in court premises.


However, officials at the Adiala prison where she is being kept have denied claims she is receiving special privileges.

Ayyan Ali was arrested by customs officials on March 14 from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad after 508,000 US dollars were recovered from her possession.

She was arrested for violation of Section 2(s) of the Customs Act 1969 which is a ‘predicate offence’ under the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) 2010.