Abbasi, Maryam put weight behind Shehbaz as candidate for next PM

03:25 PM | 20 Feb, 2018
Abbasi, Maryam put weight behind Shehbaz as candidate for next PM
LAHORE - Putting an end to a confusion regarding the PML-N's next candidate for the slot of prime minister in upcoming 2018 general elections, PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and former first daughter of Pakistan Maryam Nawaz said that Punjab Chief Minister  Shehbaz Sharif is a suitable candidate.

PM Abbasi while giving an interview to a journalist here the other day spoke about the suitability of Shehbaz for the top slot.

In December 2017, the prime minister speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of Jhang Power Plant, praised Punjab CM for his dedication. He gave credit to Shehbaz for all the energy projects set up in Punjab.

The chief of the largest province of Pakistan has also earned international acclaim for its dedication and art of delivering.

German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler speaking at the ceremony in Jhan praised Shehbaz Sharif for his unmatched efforts to improve energy sector in the country.

Shehbaz Sharif earns Germany's praise for energy ... 05:20 PM | 9 Dec, 2017

JHANG - German Ambassador Martin Kobler to Pakistan Martin Kobler on Saturday praised Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz ...

It is his leadership skills and commitment due to which he earned him the title of "Shehbaz Speed" from the international community. Once, Chinese envoy said Shehbaz is faster than

Even American Consulate General once commented on Shehbaz’s focus towards work and his expertise to get it done. "From American history, Shehbaz Sharif is Robert Moses for Pakistan," US CG added.

Former prime minister's daugter, Maryam Nawaz, while speaking to media at recent rally in Sheikhpura said she was “500 percent agree” with the decision of party chief over the nomination of Shehbaz as the next premier.

She said Shehbaz is the most senior leader and a most qualified person in the party to hold the executive post of the premier.

In December last year, Nawaz Sharif during a meeting with party aides said that Shahbaz Sharif would be the party's candidate for premiership in the upcoming General Election.