Giants spotted near Egypt's Giza Pyramids

04:40 PM | 20 Jun, 2016
Giants spotted near Egypt's Giza Pyramids
CAIRO (Web Desk) - Giant men up to nine feet tall who could herald the return of ancient Mesopotamia gods have recently been seen strolling around an Egyptian bakery near the pyramids of Giza - or so online conspiracy theorists say.

Images that show two figures, who appear to tower over cars as they walk through the street, have been released online to the shock - and skepticism - of thousands of viewers.

The video posted on Youtube with a title ‘Unreal! Two GIANT Men spotted nearby Giza Pyramids!’, and uploaded by user MrMBB333, shows the photo appears while searching near the Dolci bakery close to the Giza pyramids.

Speaking excitedly in the video, Youtube user MrMBB333 said: “Okay guys, this one’s kind of bizarre.

“It looks like people are living here and when I say people I mean people.”

He goes on to get closer to the Google satellite map, which shows the dry landscape with rows and rows of homes and other buildings.

Zooming in, he shows the photo, saying: “They are showing you a picture of two giant men.

“That man’s waist is over the top of the car. That guy is eight foot tall and not only is there one there’s two. I think this guy over here is taller than him. Woah. Talk about return of the Annunaki.”

The Annunaki were a group of deities or gods in ancient Mesopotamian cultures who are said to have created mankind and the pyramids.

The two figures appear to be wearing jeans and long-sleeved tops with one carrying a basket.

The Youtuber said the tall men appeared to be walking towards each other from opposites ends of the street: “That man is huge, I don't care what anyone says he has got to be eight or nine feet tall.”

One Youtube user commented on the photo and said: “Maybe the Annunaki have been here all along and never left.

“The theory that giants built the pyramids is very logical & another logical theory is that the pyramids were made of cement. They say that living inside of pyramids is good for your health so maybe that is where these giants that you spotted were raised!”

But others were not so convinced, questioning the angle that the photo had been taken.

One wrote: “Too funny, and oddly enough plausible to some I'm sure.”

Another wrote: “Camera, the curb is two foot tall also?”


Courtesy: Mail Online, Youtube