Pakistan partially resumes international flight operations

12:11 PM | 20 Jun, 2020
Pakistan partially resumes international flight operations

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the airspace for international flights is being opened partially to help our overseas workers who have suffered most in COVID-19 pandemic.

In a tweet on Saturday, the Prime Minister also appreciated the overseas Pakistanis for showing great courage. He also appreciated their philanthropic role in helping their brothers and sisters abroad during Covid-19.

The Prime Minister said there are many examples where the Pakistani community has been a source of inspiration, helping those around in need. He said government will facilitate these workers in every way.

Pakistan has restored international flight operations today (Saturday) from all its international airports, except Gwadar and Turbat.

Spokesperson for Aviation division said in a statement that the permission for international flight operations would be subject to restrictions in light of the current COVID-19 scenario and implementation of health protocols, adding that, cargo, special and diplomatic flights would continue to be authorized as per procedure in vogue and adherence to the relevant applicable standard operating procedures would be mandatory for all airline operators.