Lay’s & Other Halal Snacks in Pakistan

05:18 PM | 20 Nov, 2020
Lay’s & Other Halal Snacks in Pakistan

Local food brands in Pakistan are required to source their ingredients from halal sources only. The same goes for international brands, but the issue becomes more complicated here because if they use non-halal ingredients in Muslim countries, they are required to change their ingredient composition in order to comply with the laws of muslim countries like Pakistan. Despite such regulations in place, concerned organisations and individuals are always on the lookout for non-halal products. Here is a list of brands that were certified as halal for consumption:

Lindt Dark Chocolate

Lindt’s entire range of chocolates are considered to be suitable for vegetarians in the UK. This means that they are also halal because no ingredient is sourced from animals.

When it comes to Pakistan, Lindt is not a local product. It is imported from the Middle East where strict regulations are in place to ensure that companies comply with halal food certifications. Lindt officially stated that all of its ‘dark’ chocolates in Pakistan are halal, as the label on its box confirms. However, it did not comment on the rest of its range of chocolates. If Lindt is distributed by IBL in Pakistan, it means that it is halal for consumption.

Lays Potato Chips 

Lays Potato Chips, along with other competitors in the industry, have been under strict observance for their use of the artificial flavour enhancer called E-631. This ingredient can either be sourced from plants, meat or fish. While many consumers assumed that Lays potato chips are non-halal, Pakistan certified National Halal Authority (SANHA) confirmed that Lays sources its E-631 from plants.

Rafhan Jelly

The issue with all jelly products is that gelatin is an essential ingredient needed to produce it. Gelatin can either be sourced from pig meat or other animals such as chickens. The ingredient is made of the protein extracted from the bones of these animals. Thus, it depends on the source of the gelatin to determine whether the product is halal or not.

Luckily, Rafhan has faced no scandal in this matter so far. This is because it comes with the halal logo and is certified by food authorities. Even the products that it imports to the UK and US are also halal.