Journalists from Mumbai, Karachi denounce Shiv Sena's violence

08:34 PM | 20 Oct, 2015
Journalists from Mumbai, Karachi denounce Shiv Sena's violence
MUMBAI (Staff Report) - In a moment when Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shehryar Khan is on his way back home following the 'terrorism' of Indian Shiv Sena, journalists from Mumbai and Karachi have expressed shock over the unfortunate incidents that took place in Mumbai over the past weeks.

In a joint statement journalists from both sides have denounced the acts of Shiv Sena.

“As journalists from Mumbai and Karachi who see each other as colleagues, we are dismayed at the recent violent disruptions and threats against Pakistani artists, writers and cricketers in Mumbai,” the statement said.

“We in Mumbai would like to assert that this behaviour does not represent the average Mumbaikar.”

The statement further said that both Gulam ali and Pakistani cricketers were appreciated in Mumbai city; and the successful book launch of former Pakistani foreign minister khurshid kasuri's book shows that the people of Mumbai do not share the bigotry of the Shiv Sena.

“The Shiv Sena has a hatred for Pakistan in its DNA, and has unfortunately been allowed free rein by all governments. We are ashamed of its goondagardi and want to assert that it neither represents the citizens of Mumbai nor is its conduct a sign of patriotism.”

The journalists from Mumbai and Karachi said: “We believe we are colleagues who can work together to eliminate hostility between our two countries. We know that is what the majority of our fellow citizens desire.”

The statement bore signatures of the following senior journalist:

From Mumbai: Jatin, Desai, Jyoti Punjwani, Prakash Akolkar, Joel Rebello, Pragati Bakhele, Ketan Tanna, Rachita Prasad, Norma and Niranjan Takle.

From Karachi: Fazil Jamili, A.H. Khanzada, Rizwan Bhatti, Imtiaz Khan Faran, Iqra Baig, Shoaib Baig, Aamir Latif, Sahmim Bano, Hina Mah Gul and Akram Khan.